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Packing and unpacking
We’ll send packing experts with boxes to your home one to three days in advance of your move to carefully wrap and pack your belongings. We take care of things on a room-by-room or full-home basis. We can also unpack for you, putting things where you’d like them. If you opt for our Mirror Image packing service, you don’t even have to tell the movers where to put your things in the new home. They’ll take photos and replicate your set up exactly.

Box delivery
At our online box store you’ll find conventional box styles and sizes, plus packing materials, tape, blankets, and other packing needs. We take the guesswork out of the process by offering pre-made packages of boxes to accommodate your size and style apartment or home. We deliver at your convenience.

Carpentry Services
Moving is a unique experience for every client. Yours may have aspects that require special attention.

Customize your move by adding optional services “a la carte” to our basic Complete Move and Elite packages.
Art & Antique Handling
If you have fragile or precious art and antiques, let us know and we’ll put together a team of movers specially-trained to handle your belongings. Our movers are experienced in the protection and transport of valuable items. In some cases, we will build custom crates.

Carpentry and Crating
Dragon Sea Moving has carpenters on staff to handle the construction of wooden crates for oversize or fragile items. Our carpenters can work on-site at your home or at our woodshop in the Bronx.

For more information on what and how to insure, visit our coverage page. We offer two types of optional valuation coverage. A relocation specialist can help your figure out which is best for you. Purchasing the right coverage is a smart way to feel secure throughout your move.

Local & Long Distance
Local moving service for the whole SF bay area
Long distance moving for the whole America
Offer the highest moving standard with the lowest price
Safe, Fast and Professional